How I can help you create great content



Give me a brief and I’ll turn strategic thinking into flowing copy. Written to resonate, my copy aims to be rich in ideas, free from jargon and straight to the point. On a good day, there’s a little bit of magic thrown in.

Features and blogs

Long copy is great for telling stories and exploring ideas. I write blogs and features on parenting, healthy lifestyles, international development and children’s culture.

Tone of voice

It’s what you say and the way you say it that makes for a unique tone of voice. If you’re a new brand, I can help you find your voice. If you’re established, I’ll happily adopt your house style.


Too many words? I’ll cut the copy to fit, but keep the sense intact. Too waffly? I’ll shout your key message clear. Lacks sparkle? I’ll employ my inner magpie and find the bits that shine.


Have a project in the pipeline? Please get in touch if you think I can help. I’d love to hear from you.