Cookies are crumbly biscuits favoured by hungry blue monsters. They’re also small text files that websites like to put on your computer to help everything work smoothly.

I use cookies to see what’s going on behind the scenes on my website. No personal data is captured in secret. But I can find out information that’s helpful to me, such as how people use the site and which links they click.

Unlike their sugary namesakes, cookies aren’t secretly bad for you. But if you want to take back control of your cookies, please do. You can opt out using your browser’s settings.


I like privacy, so I promise I’ll take very good care of yours. Here’s how.

If you contact me through this website, I’ll be so happy that I’ll do ‘the dance’. Don’t worry, I’ll do that in private and no-one will ever know.

But you’ll notice, as you fill it in, that the form collects your name and email address. I’ll use this to get back to you and if things don’t work out, I’ll delete it.

If we work together, we may end up with each other’s phone numbers and addresses. Perhaps we’ll chat on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. All those companies are required to comply with GDPR.

I’ll store the personal details you give me securely on my computer and on Gmail, which is also required to comply with GDPR.

At the moment, I don’t have an email list. So, I’ll only contact you via email about the projects we’re working on. It should go without saying that your personal details aren’t mine to share or sell.

So there it is. If you’d like more details about any of this, please ask. If you’d like me to delete your data, just let me know. (If we’ve worked together, I will need to keep your basic data for six years to comply with UK tax law.)

Thanks for making it this far. Now for the fun stuff!